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Church of St Comgall
This ancient parish church was a religious centre from early medieval times and gave Kilcoole its name. The ruin stands near the base of the Rock.
Woodstock House
Built in 1770, Woodstock was home to the Tottenham family who played a significant role in the development of Kilcoole during the last two centuries.
Rock of Kilcoole
This 40-foot quartzite outcrop probably attracted the first settlers to Kilcoole. The Rock offers outstanding views of the Wicklow coastal plain.
Darraghville - Convent
A summer house built in 1782, Darraghville became a convent in 1897. Many villagers attended school here. The walled gardens can be seen from the Mass Path.
Community Centre
Originally a boys school, this hall was refurbished and extended in 2015 and now serves as a hub for many community activities.
Kilquade Church
The parish centre passed from Kilcoole to Kilquade in the 1600s or 1700s. Mass paths from three directions converge on Kilquade from surrounding areas.
Upper Green - Goose Bank
Known locally as the Goose Bank, the Upper Green served as common grazing for centuries, and was Kilcoole's original football pitch.
An ancient demesne between Kilcoole and the sea, Ballygannon was the seat of the Scott family. Look for the substantial ruins visible from the coastal path.
Opened at the beach in 1855, the railway once brought Dubliners on summer holidays and health retreats. Kilcoole Station is still actively used by commuters.
Mass Path
The ancient track connecting Kilcoole to Kilquade church is still a popular countryside walk. Option to connect to Kilpedder / Delgany. 4.5km, 1 hour there and back.
Ballydonarea Loop Walk
Leading from the village to the beach and railway station, and back along Sea Road, this popular walk is perfect for a shorter stroll. 3.6km, 45 minutes loop walk
The Breaches
These saltwater marshes are part of the largest wetlands complex on the east coast, extending to the Murrough at Wicklow. The shingle beach is the summer nesting site of the rare Little Tern.
Coastal Walk to Newcastle
Beautiful walk between the sea and Kilcoole Marsh with unparalleled opportunities for bird-watching. 4.2km one way (2 hours return) with option to explore the wildlife sanctuary at Newcastle.
Coastal Walk to Greystones
Seaside walk to Greystones, taking in the ruins of Ballygannon and vistas to the Wicklow Mountains. 4.3km one way (2 hours return).

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Rock of Kilcoole: 53.108724, -6.063080
Church of St Comgall: 53.107049, -6.062758
Woodstock House: 53.095313, -6.078572
Darraghville - Convent: 53.112511, -6.067650
Ballygannon: 53.118268, -6.046815
The Breaches: 53.089669, -6.038790
Ballydonarea Loop Walk: 53.110154, -6.055913
Mass Path: 53.110501, -6.068627
Coastal Walk to Newcastle: 53.104305, -6.040378
Railway: 53.106354, -6.040978
Coastal Walk to Greystones: 53.107758, -6.041129
Community Centre: 53.114256, -6.065462
Foresters Hall: 53.109809, -6.066851
Kilquade Church: 53.112292, -6.086984
Upper Green - Goose Bank: 53.109394, -6.065853