Chairman’s Address to KCDA AGM – June 2018

Chairman’s address to the KCDA ( Kilcoole Community Development Association)

AGM June 14th 2018

Good evening everyone and thank you for attending. There has been a lot of activity in the past twelve months.

Kilcoole Community Development Association (KCDA) is a registered Ltd company covered by charitable status. It works on behalf of the community and is owned by the community. We have a board of thirteen people and on the community’s behalf I would like to thank John Byrne, Mary Keddy, John Kinsella, Colette Hunt, Mark Blake, Sarah Donnelly, Kathy Hoctor, Declan Greene, Ger Bateman, Mike O’Brien, James Scott and Cliona Dodd for the great work they do in the interest of our community. All board members are part of various committees in our community. Thanks also to Brian, John and Caroline for their work in the community centre.

Activities / Achievements:

Community Centre:  Our community centre continues to grow and is a great asset to our community. We are currently looking at improvements with signage, insulation of the two original classrooms and getting the mezzanine upstairs completed. We need to acquire funding to achieve this.  The centre, due to the usage it gets brings a lot of our community together.

Tidy Towns: Where would we be without our tidy towns? our community receives 24/7 care. What a contribution Joey Hunt gives to our community. Other people who help Joey are Ivan Messitt, Declan Greene, James Scott, Aidan Smith. John and Annie Green, Michael Kunz.  We are at present completing the work associated with the village renewal scheme funding we received, 52000 Euro. It has helped complete walkways, signage, wall at community centre, tree planting, Mural, village audit and benches.

Walking Committee: There is crossover here with tidy towns. Aidan Smith chairs this activity and is passionate about protecting our heritage. James Scott shares this passion and is key also to this activity.

Youth Café:  Like our new community centre, youth café was developed at the same time. Linda White co-ordinates this activity and the café provides a proper meeting place for our young people. The activity is linked to Bray Youth Services and covers a lot of areas. Kathy Hoctor is link person between the youth café and the main board.

Scouts: Scouts have been here since our property ceased to be a school and have done great work with our young people over many years. Like any organisation the management changes, so a lot of people have been involved over the years and contributed greatly. Cliona Dodd from the scout group sits on our board.

Volunteers: Our volunteers open and close the centre after all events that are held there. Many thanks to Maire Ni Shíiodhail, David Keddy, Martin Devitt, Doni Cullen.

Expo:  We have organised and managed a business and community expo.  We run them every two years, it gives our business community an opportunity to show off their activities and to cross fertilise with other business’s. We usually have over 30 exhibitors. is the KCDA Website. James Scott put it together and has done an excellent job on it. It is great to have this. The local authority has the responsibility for issuing .ie and we agreed with them that would be given to KCDA.

Future vision:

We want to see all the activities grow and add value to our community. We want to see all committees, groupings in our community linked to KCDA. Our board already are involved in lots of activities in our community. We are working as an entity since 1999, when we were asked to manage what was then the parish centre or old boys school. We have done a lot of work on behalf of our community, I was looking at a newsletter we issued back in 2002, it was very interesting. We are and have been a community forum before the idea became popular in recent years. We want to see every activity in our community involved.

We have a great community that has changed and grown over the years. We have a lot of new people in our community. So, together let’s get everyone involved.

Many Thanks

Tom Fortune


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